A poem by Katerina Gogou. What I fear most is becoming “a poet” Locking myself in the room gazing at the sea and forgetting I fear that the stitches over my. Katerina Gogou was born in Athens on the first of June and spent the first years of her childhood in the harshest conditions of the Nazi. Katerina Gogou () was a Greek anarchist poetess who is a representative figure of the ’80s radical political and cultural scene of.

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Thank you so much for this, Taxikipali! Gogou was a true prophet of this unexpected political and social development, and her poems got to be respected exactly for that:. All caused by property. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mapping the gilets jaunes Amidst the polyphony of the gilets jaunes The gilets jaunes: As many times as it takes all over again.

As for her ideal woman figure, she was a revolutionary nonetheless, but a revolutionary unfit for the leftist heroicism of the republican era [Metapolitefsi]: Grrrrreeks with big hats, I know, they called them republicas. In the meanwhile heroin began to circulate among the people that could not find their place in that society.

The prose-poem above the drawing reads:. You are commenting using your WordPress. As many times as it takes all over again. Audible Download Audio Books.

They will soak you. I know the papers lie, because they say they shot you in the feet. Enraged citizens and religious groups have made a pact.

The title of the collection referred to Law No.

Civil War – Katerina Gogou

He was covered there, holding a machine gun, he had a short blond beard and long blond hair. The blood on his hair leeches on the veiled homosexuality syndromes of men all around the earth.


Katerina was born in Athens in and the first years of her life were marked by the famine and the Nazi occupation, the resistance and the civil war. The gilets jaunes Insurrection in the end goyou They will burn you, they say. He looked like or was the Christ.

As many times as it takes all over again. The mind is their target. The roles assigned to her were those of the naive domestic servant, the silly little sister or the undisciplined school pupil.

Notify me of new comments via email. Koemtzis case became a celebrated issue in mid and late s greece, representing a figure-out-of-time, a man obsessed with his honour in a society that was moving to an altogether different ethical code. Reinstating the Dark Side Documentary Herself. Hold it together, eh?

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Gogou herself was a consistent victim of police violence and arbitrariness. The End of the Game. Katerjna up to see it. I saw through the glass a bullet hitting my left hand palm, blood and the trash breathing.

And afterwards they got together on it.

Enraged citizens 5 and religious groups have made a pact. I know they never aim at the feet. Until today Gogou remains the bete-noire of modern poetry in Greece with only one poetic anthology including her groundbreaking heretical work.

Two years earlier, inGogou played a central role in the big concert against police repression in Sporting, where many singers at the time took part. These files were ggou burned and destroyed after One morning I will open the door and I will go out hogou the streets as I did yesterday. They will devour each other in eternal fire to eternity.

The Internet Movie Database. Their human face took its form in conscious retreat. The film sought to depict the life of Nikos Koemtzis: The jaw broken by the uppercut of a worker syndicalist katerins paid thug.


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He has great pains behind the ears and deep in the stomach. He was covered there, holding a machine gun, he had a short blond beard and long blond hair. The end of the s was a time when the initial post-junta revolutionary chic was giving way to more substantial and contradictory urban cultures and movements, with many workers breaking free from the unions and the left, gogiu factory occupations, the first occupations of universities and a ferocious armed struggle against unpunished agents of gpgou junta, with the far-right responding with bombs in cinemas, squares and leftist offices.

In one page of the book a hand-drawn box contains five names that marked the birth of the anarchist movement in greece, five men who died by police bullets, the urban guerrillas Kasimis, Tsoutsouvis and Prekas, the 15 year old boy Kaltezas shot by a cop in during the Polytechnic anniversary march, and Tsironis, the eccentric revolutionary doctor who had proclaimed his appartment a free state and shot down by special forces.

Its not school conscription. Only a few years before, inthe right wing government had proposed a law for the displacement of homosexuals to barren island camps. The defeat gogoou the communists was followed by a period of strict censorship, police terror and island camps for political prisoners. If you have an ebook reader or a Kindle, check out our guide to using ebook readers with libcom.