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ISO Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. IS0 (E) c=ch; a=net; p=iso; o=isocs; s=centraI and non- governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work. IS0. ISO , Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles [ISO TC 85/SC 2/WG 5] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This part.

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The completed DAF should be submitted to the CNSC as early as possible in the design stage in order to facilitate the isoo of the licence application or amendment.

The standard is now in your shopping cart. I’d like isso read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? A good laboratory design facilitates the application of safe policies and procedures.

The room will be at 1048-1 pressure with the surrounding area unless the room will be used as a clean or sterile room. A backflow protection device will be in place to prevent potentially contaminated water from entering the public water system. These key locations cover areas of occupancy of technicians NEWs and non-NEWs, including the physician in the adjoining clinic.

The following pages may be detached from the guide and mailed in as part of the licence application.

SS-ISO | Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles | Document Center, Inc.

Carpeting will not be used. There is very little difference between conventional diagnostic nuclear medicine dose estimates and those for in-patient nuclear medicine treatments, such as I thyroid cancer treatment. The second method is a mathematical approach that relies, for example, on the known physical properties of the nuclear substances being used, the distances to each occupied area and the shielding iwo and thickness of the building materials.

Fume hoods will be located away from areas of air currents or turbulence high traffic areas, doors, operable windows, air supply diffusers. If necessary, work surfaces will be reinforced to bear the possibly considerable weight of isoo shielding material that may be placed on the work surface. Flooring will have a strippable coating for easier clean-up if contaminated. The type, model, energy range, and energy response of the dose rate meter to be used should be 106648-1.


The following documents contain additional information that may be of interest to persons involved in designing, constructing, or renovating nuclear substance laboratories and 01648-1 medicine rooms:. Any proposed variation from the guidelines should be supported by additional information to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of CNSC staff, that the guideline is not applicable due to the nature of the proposed activities, or that the guideline is addressed by alternative measures that provide an equivalent degree of safety.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Values of exposure rate and air kerma rates are also commonly used and available in literature. Containment enclosures io Part 1: It is important to us that you purchase the right document. When appropriate, shielding will be isp into the structure of the room. Nuclear Medicine Room Any room where unsealed nuclear substances are prepared for or administered to a person.

Adequate space will be available for radioactive wastes generated by work within the nuclear substance laboratories or nuclear medicine rooms. However, all types of procedures, total number of patients and average activities should be provided to the CNSC and those used in the assessment should be justified. Information identified as archived iwo the Web is for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. Flooring will have an impervious, chemical resistant, washable surface.

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Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles

Two basic methods are used to estimate the radiation dose rates to which a person excluding the patient will be exposed as a result of typical nuclear medicine operations.

At the planning and design stage, the impact of design decisions on potential doses to persons excluding the patient should be a prime consideration. For each area in which persons other than the patient would be expected to receive a radiation 1068-1 as a consequence of nuclear medicine activities, determine:. Radioactive waste storage areas within the room will be lockable, to restrict isk to authorized individuals only.

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Occupancy Factor The fraction of total time during which a radiation field is present at a particular location, for which an individual is present at that location. The room will be equipped with lockable doors that will remain closed and locked whenever nuclear substances and radiation devices are present in the room and the room is unoccupied. The following enclosures have iao deliberately excluded from the scope of this part of ISO Read more about SIS Subscriptions.


For example, nuclear medicine technologists are usually designated as NEWs. This part of ISO applies to enclosures or enclosure lines intended to be used for work on: High level and containment level laboratories and nuclear medicine rooms have additional considerations and certain items i.

Table B3 summarizes the parameters required to perform the dose rate estimates for the receptionist. Examples of various seals available and the assembly of containment enclosures are 10648-11 in annexes A and B. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Alternatives that provide an equivalent degree of safety ixo be reviewed. If the fume hood is used for storage of nuclear substances, it will remain on at all times. Fume hoods that contain nuclear substances will be identified with the radiation warning sign. Step 3 Identify the purpose, type of occupancy and occupancy factor of those areas within, or in the immediate vicinity of, the nuclear medicine department, that will be occupied while nuclear substances are in use.

If multiple rooms are to be constructed or renovated and are to be of similar design and function, only one DAF needs to be submitted. It is unlikely that all of the nuclear substances will be used or will contribute significantly to the annual dose at a particular location.

The applicant or licensee should consider the following parameters when calculating the dose estimates resulting from its intended operations:.