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JavaScript is a single-threaded environment, meaning multiple scripts cannot run at the same time. Keep in mind most browsers spawn separate processes for each worker. For example, in the next example the ‘msg’ property of the JSON message is accessible in both locations.

URL, and an https: However, alaok come with a few caveats:. Web Workers run in an isolated thread.

HTML5 tanfolyam – alapok – html struktúra

The canvas element that Phaser creates will be simply be appended to the document at the point the script was called, but you can also specify a parent container in the game config should you wish. When postMessage is called from the main page, our worker handles that message by defining an onmessage handler for the message event.


The magic comes with the call to window. An instance of a Phaser. The scene property of the configuration object will be covered in more detail further on in this tutorial. Your game world can be any size you like, but this is the resolution the game will display in. Ala;ok 26th, Comments: Before you go spawning a worker farm, be cautious about hogging too many of the user’s system resources.

There are lots of options that can be placed in this object and as you expand on your Phaser knowledge you’ll encounter more of them. If you attempt to pass a relative URI, the browser will complain with a security error.

If you’ve gone through the Getting Started Guide you will have downloaded Phaser and got everything set-up and alapoj to code. Its contents are quiet literally transferred to the Worker context.

Assuming your main app is running from http: If an error occurs while a worker is executing, the an ErrorEvent is fired. Fortunately, the latter is quickly becoming a thing of the past as browser vendors rapidly improve the speed of their JavaScript engines. Blob URLs zlapok unique and last for the lifetime of your application e. Game object is assigned to a local variable called game and the configuration object is passed to it. Here are a few more ideas to get your brain churning:.


This will start the process of bringing Phaser to life. Say HI Send unknown alalok Stop worker. In Chrome, there’s a nice page to view all of the created blob URLs: In Phaser 3 this is no longer the case and it’s no longer useful to store the game instance in a global variable.

Weboldal keszítés | Honlapkészítés | WordPress

There are two ways to stop a worker: What if you want to create your worker script on the fly, or create a self-contained page without having to create separate worker files? The only browser requirement is the support of the canvas tag. In Phaser 2 the game object acted as the gateway to nearly all internal systems and was often accessed from a global variable. Welcome to our first tutorial on Making a Game with Phaser 3.

You can explicitly release a Blob URLs by passing it to window. Taking this one step further, we can get clever with how the worker’s JS code is inlined in our page.