Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Gerrold, a Nebula and Hugo Award winner, The Martian Child: A Novel About A Single Father Adopting A Son – Kindle edition by David Gerrold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. The Martian Child has ratings and reviews. Bobby said: David Gerrold calls his book a novel. I would like to suggest that he wrote a memoir ins. What happens when a science fiction writer adopts a little boy who says he’s from Mars? Prepare to be enchanted. David Gerrold’s bittersweet memoir of his.

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My martian came in all shapes and sizes and displayed multiple behaviors, but I cared for this kid so tenderly. And I hope to learn as much from my child that David Gerrold learned from his. This is a fictionalized account of David Gerrold’s adoption of his son, at the time an eight-year-old vhild who had been “in the system” since birth, and had averaged one placement a year over that time.

Full Cast and Crew. It’s a way to deal with things that are so much bigger than you are. Also, on Amazon, this book was described as “semi-autobiographical.

A good read about a dad and his out-of-the-box son. But the prose is workmanlike at best — it has a mass-market magazine feel that gets old in book form very reminiscent in tone to “I’m Hosting as Fast as I Can.


The daddy who followed through with all that was taught to allow him to continue the process, dagid never lost himself, although he gave himself wholly as any parent filled with love and attachment. This kid is alone in the world; he’s got to be feeling it.

In the novelette, the sexuality of the protagonist is not disclosed although the novel identifies him as gay. How can one know about an adopted child? Because it doesn’t thoroughly address such serious potential problems as Dennis’s propensity for petty theft and violence, the resulting story is less than believable.

The adoptive father comes to be intrigued by the possibility his son might really be a Martian. Search for ” Martian Child ” on Amazon.

Martian Child () – IMDb

I guess it’s the science fiction writer in him. As a single gay man he thought adoption would be the most direct route to fatherhood. And he believed Dennis needed him. You have lived a beautiful success story.

The Martian Child: A Novel About a Single Father Adopting a Son

The Martian thread is never fully resolved, and in getrold case, that works. Too soon after we lost our Sailor! It would be stupid to try to take it away from him. Mar 13, Jane Gehr rated it liked it. User Polls Gay in the Book Mostly, it was a story of two people who needed love and family and gerrod journey together.

At first, it feels as though the main character romanticizes adopting a son a little too much, and things feel too saccharine. Twice I found myself underlining passages that I liked or that made me laugh out loud and if This is my second read through of this book and I think it is one of gerrolc few novels that I find the movie to be more interesting although I’m disappointed in some of the changes that movie made to make it more PC.


“Bitter Hack”: The Martian Child, a Love Story

I think the movie really missed out on some important plot pieces by gerrolr this. There are many in-jokes for Gerrold and Star Trek fans, but they’re handled so subtly that the uninitiated will not feel as if they’re being excluded.

David Gerrold’s writer, as I learned, is marvelous.

Related News Netflix schedule: I’m not always a fan of his work but this was a grand slam. The Bee’s review was dismal, but I went anyway, and I agree with you. Readers interested in the topic might better turn to the several nonfiction works available on the subject. This story definitely has dhild funny moments.

Straight in the Movie? It’s a must read for all parents, new, old and adoptive.