INFORMATION SECURITY (CS) TWO MARK QUESTIONS AND .. But note : Even if the possibilities are reduced to one of two messages of equal .. SECURITY TME: am – am SUB CODE: CS CLASS / SEM: ME / I . NE Networking And Information Security Notes. Click Below Links to CP Advanced Operating System Notes. CLICK BELOW LINK. SE Object Oriented Software Engineering NOTES CLICK BELOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD CS NETWORK SECURITY NOTES.

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For example, if the framework is to guide the development of an attack detection tool, the focus of the framework will be on the steps needed to exploit vulnerabilities. The relationships between execution of the instructions and the classes of the variables are as follows.

Who are responsible for risk management in an organization? What is a host based IDS? O x O is a relation with ab if and only if information can flow from a to b ; and, for each a Oconfine a is a pair a La U SC I x SC Iwith a L I a Uand the interpretation that for a Oif x a Uinformation can flow from x to aand if a L xinformation can flow from a to x.


Although access controls can constrain the rights of a user, they cannot constrain the flow of information about a system. It is a device that selectively discriminates against information flowing into securuty out of the organization.


What is asset valuation? Hoffman and Davis propose adding a processor, called a security pipeline interface SPIbetween a host and a destination. Define a secure facility. A sandbox is an environment in which the actions of a process are restricted according to a security policy.

An information transfer path is a sequence of objects o 1What are the types of information security policies? Differentiate Trojan horse and propagating Trojan horse.

Eyes – Authentication by eye characteristics uses the iris and the retina.

Explain the various types of Intrusion Detection Systems. Integrity includes data integrity the content of the information and origin integrity the source noyes the data, often called authentication.

biological databases lecture notes

Explain about the vulnerability frameworks with neat examples. UPS- Uninterruptible Power Supply It is a electrical device that serves as a battery backup to detect the interruption of power to the power equipment. What is the use of Digital Certificates? It is the risk that remains to the information seucrity even after the existing control has been applied.

SVCE | Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Explain the design of Security Architecture in detail. In what ways the sophisticated heat sensor operates in the thermal detection systems? Short note on intrusion principles. What is the difference between a threat agent and a threat?


Write about the Autonomous Agents: The testers test their hypothesized flaws. What are trojan noes In computer science, an identity is the basis for assignment of privileges and is integral in the designation of a protection domain.

An agent obtains information from a data source or informafion of data sources. Denial of servicea long-term inhibition of service, is a form of usurpation, although it is often used with other mechanisms to deceive.

Briefly explain the components of cryptology. If the user places her face in informatiln predetermined position for example, by resting her chin on a supportthe problem becomes somewhat easier. Denial of receipta false denial that an entity received some information or message, is a form of deception. Explain Ethical Concepts in Information Security.

Alice and Bob can exchange data, but a third party cannot derive the key from the data exchanged. What is E-mail Spoofing?