Albert Camus – Strainul 10 [Hardcover] [Anonymous] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lang: Romanian, Pages Reprinted in with.

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Raymond and Meursault seem to develop a bond, and he testifies for Meursault during his trial.

The prosecutor tells the jury more about Meursault’s inability or unwillingness to cry at his mother’s funeral and the murder. Gilbert juxtaposes “execration” with “execution”. Rather than expressing his feelings, he comments to the reader only about the aged attendees at the funeral. Gabriella rated it it was amazing Dec 25, strrainul Disoriented and on the edge of heatstroke, Meursault shoots when the Arab flashes his knife at him.

Lavinia Schmerzlust rated it really liked it Nov 21, His final assertion is that a large, hateful crowd at his execution will end his loneliness and bring everything to a comsummate end. A few days later, he kills an Arab man in French Algierswho was involved in a conflict with a friend. Albert Camus the Algerian: Meursault is also a truthful sttrainul, speaking his mind without regard for others.


The book was eventually published in June — 4, copies of it were printed. In Ryan Camks argued that it should be translated as ‘Today, Maman died.

Străinul (roman de Albert Camus) – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Without having the unreasonable ambition to save men, we still want to serve them”. Meursault says that God is strqinul waste of his time.

Its theme and outlook are often cited as examples of Camus’s philosophy of the absurd and existentialismthough Camus personally rejected the latter label.

Adelina Baloi rated it really liked it Dec 08, A strqinul that gathers all feelings in a single place and clashes them head on with the others.

When he loses his dog, he is distressed and asks Meursault for advice. The New York Times. Her brother and friends try to take revenge.

Dani rated it it was amazing Apr 21, He pushes Meursault to tell the truth, but the man resists. Marie, like Camhs, enjoys sex. It would take a book at least the length of the novel to make a complete analysis of meaning and form and the correspondences of meaning and form, in L’Etranger.


Străinul; Ciuma; Căderea; Exilul și Împărăția; Mitul lui Sisif

Inthe British publisher Hamish Hamiltonwhich had issued Gilbert’s translation, published a translation by Joseph Laredo, also as The Outsider. Retrieved 9 September Retrieved from ” https: The xamus encomprises a lot of Camus’ work, so I won’t go up to talking about it all.

But the novel was well received, partly because of Jean-Paul Sartre ‘s article “Explication de L’Etranger ,” on the eve of publication of the novel, and a mistake from the Propaganda-Staffel. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Later that evening and the next, Salamano stralnul to Meursault for comfort – he explains that he had adopted the dog shortly after his wife’s death as a companion.

Gerhard Hellera German editor, translator and lieutenant in the Wehrmacht working for the Censorship Bureau offered to help.

Serena rated it it was amazing Feb 20,