Chronicling author and anthropologist Brent Luvaas’ experience over three years of blogging through vivid street imagery and rich ethnographic detail, this book. Brent Luvaas’s 14 research works with 63 citations and reads, including: Street-style geographies: Re-mapping the fashion blogipelago. Brent Luvaas has . Visit ‘s Brent Luvaas Page and shop for all Brent Luvaas books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Brent Luvaas.

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This is something I have been working through for the last few months. I like that you have the freedom to do it your own way, and you are not pushed by the pressure. Fashion Draping Ethics and Law: They just have something about them that—. Because you are approaching it from more of an academic perspective, what have you learned brenf your experience?

Do you think that there are too many street style blogs? Those people are still out there, and they are pretty popular, but it has become a different genre to the kind of off runway style stuff that gets labeled as street style by the more mainstream fashion press.

What their inspirations are for fashion, so lvuaas really varies tremendously.

I also edit a journal, so all of this takes a lot of time. Dress, Body, Culture Illustrations: Low to High Price: Please try your request again later. I use the standard sort of collection of social media sites people use.

A lhvaas and visual anthropologist, and avid street photographer himself, he is interested in how new media technologies shape cultural production and urban aesthetics in the United States and Indonesia. Provide feedback about this page. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Do you actively promote your site, or how do you approach that? So long as they appeal to me in their style.


Blogger feature: Brent Luvaas – The Triangle

Ulvaas Business of Blogging: How much time do you put into shooting? Every once in a while I also teach a class on Indonesian pop culture. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10, to 15, page views a month. Well, I think one of the primary things that I have learned is that it is quite difficult to think that you know something meaningful about somebody by how they are dressed.

I get a lot of feedback just based on who they are. It takes me going through a lot of people before I find someone who really stands out to me. The Subject s of Street Style: They want to go on with their lives, and not have to be concerned with their style all of the time.

Street Style: Brent Luvaas – The Triangle

What kind of occupation you had, and you can still detect some of that. Get a real sense how this is having an impact of the fashion industry, and I have been doing it for 3 years now. From Sidewalk to Catwalk. I like that aspect. One last random question: The amount of street style blogs has been about the same sincebut I would say that there are too many Fashion Week street style blogs.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: If you wore a certain type of brand, or you dressed all in black it meant something very specific about who you were. The thing that separates us from New York style is that it is just a little grittier, edgier and cheaper, frankly.

Bren finding those rare individuals that have really invested something meaningful into the way that they present themselves to others takes some time, and yeah it brrnt takes standing at a street corner watching a few hundred people stream past before that person pops out. If I am getting good material, and I feel like it is pushing forward the work I am doing as an anthropologist about style then I will keep doing it.


Street Style: Brent Luvaas

Other people I will I have a half an hour conversation with them about what they are wearing, or what they were thinking about in terms of style. That is not the trend of street style blogs today. High to Low Avg. It really depends on what else I have going on. I shoot mainly with a Nikon D with an 85mm 1. Yeah, especially because of the off runway photography that characterizes most street style photography these days, so most street style photographers that are out shooting fashion weeks for instance, usually in motion photography with people walking towards them a lot of the time.

Bloggers blur the distinction between professional and amateur, insider and outsider, self and brand.

Street Style

A lot of the guys I know who shoot at New York fashion week, for instance, some of them have cultivated such a strong image both in their images they produce, and in their own personal style that they have made themselves into the very people that they shoot. Nothing is occurring to me right now. I enjoy doing it, but it is luvaaas a different genre. Sometimes I will shoot 3 or 4 people in that time.

What song or album has been repeating on your playlist lately? I think that is right. You have a unique background compared to a lot of people that get into street style, so I wanted to know a little about your background.

Do they catch my eye?

Streetgeist in LA is a similar kind of thing.