Many pianists already have trouble performing Chopin’s 24 Études with ease. Godowsky probably didn’t think they were difficult enough and used Chopin’s. Leopold Godowsky. Studien über die Etüden von Chopin Studies on Chopin’s Études Études d’après Chopin. Zofia Chechlinska writes, “In the studies both parts. Few, however, went anything like as far as Leopold Godowsky () whose 53 Studies on the Études of Chopin have received a fair amount of bad press.

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Das wurde auf zweierlei Art erreicht: He probably wrote an unpublished left-hand adaptation, which was lost when Godowsky fled Vienna at the onset of World War I. Skip to main content. This is the third complete set to appear on record. The left hand is favoured by nature in having the stronger part of the hand for the upper voice of all todowsky-chopin notes and chords and also by generally having the strongest fingers for the strongest parts of a melody.

Can you find the melodic line of the theme? Asks the right hand to play a legato melody and stacatto accompaniment the latter augmented by the left hand simultaneously a procedure which Robert Collet claims originated with Weber.

Godowsky Studies on Chopin Etudes |

And in places the notes of the figuration create motives that counterpoint the main melody. It was rather an undulation of the A flat major chord, here and there thrown aloft anew by the pedal. First-rate godowsky-cbopin complements one of the great recordings of the century—and I do mean the 20th century with its whelming backlog of palpable genius.

There is some controversy over the best fingering of these interlocking chromatic thirds, often centered around the question of whether one can use the thumb on two successive white keys as Chopin’s fingering requires and still play an effective legato certainly an easier task on Chopin’s favorite Pleyel pianos than on modern instruments.


Your email address will not be published. Obviously, Hamelin was born to make Godowsky live for us. Yet who else among pianists could rise to the challenge? Certainly on the basis of his dismal Busoni set recorded for Philips some 15 years ago, I would egudes him. Chopin is said to have told his friend Gutmann that “he had never in his life written another such melody. Here is no veiled surmise, no smothered rage, but all sweeps along in tornadic passion.

Hyperion Records

ggodowsky-chopin Yet, despite their difficulties, it is not flashy or showy music. Home News Contacts Copyright. Jedenfalls keiner, der so wenig formale Ausbildung erhalten hatte. He provided me over the godowsky-cho;in with many interesting ideas and comments—all stemming from a deep familiarity with the music.

His compositions are often only explored by pianists who are interested in the exotic repertoire of the piano literature.

The unusual mental and physical demands made upon the performer by the above-mentioned work, must invariably lead to a much higher proficiency in the command of the instrument, while the composer for the piano will find a number of suggestions regarding the godowskg-chopin of the instrument and its musical utterance in general. Kullak calls it a “bravura study of the very highest order for the left hand.

Throughout all the harmonies one always heard in great tones a wondrous melody, while once only, in the middle of the piece, besides that chief song, a tenor voice became prominent in the midst of chords. The pianist must have lare reserves of power and endurance. Assuming you can find it that is: Despite their formidable reputation, many of them are serene in character, hardly ever exploiting the forceful, percussive side of piano writing.

Byhowever, the advertised total had risen to Mindestens ein Pianist bzw.

It was composed in in Stuttgart, shortly after chopin had received tidings of the taking of Warsaw by the Russians, September 8, ” hence its nickname. In a midsection and at the coda, both hands godoesky-chopin semiquaver figurations together. They are considered to godosky-chopin amongst the most taxing piano pieces ever written, and generally Ian Hobson does remarkably well in sorting out the myriad of polyphonic lines, juxta-position of complex rhythmic patterns and the excess of notes.

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Uniquely available on 2CDs, this will surely be the benchmark recording for all time.

Godowskt-chopin the genre-bending nature of this production really works is, I suspect, a matter of who you are as an audience. Niecks writes, “The composer seems fuming with rage; the left hand rushes impetuously along and the right hand strikes in with passionate ejaculations.

Perhaps because he was equipped with such an all-encompassing technique, he wrote music that is technically very difficult to execute, though it is never difficult for the sake of it more below. Does Godowsky deserve this neglect? Many pianists from the “Golden Age” were particularly fond of “improving” Chopin by, for example, playing tricky passages in thirds Josef Hoffman’s s recording of the “Minute” Waltz is a good example. This amounts to a transformation of harmonic figuration into an effect of dynamic power and energy.

It ends with a rapid scale in both hands.

It is impossible to think of another living pianist who could have carried off this enterprise with comparable success. Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven’s th Year. On a purely musical level these pieces seem overladen and I disagree with Frank Cooper’s assessment in the sleeve-note that they are ”rare and beautiful”. All was arranged accordingly, but at the last moment unavoidable circumstances prevented my accompanying them.

The theme is in the left hand, while the right hand introduces counter melodies.

Leopold Godowsky: 53 Studies on Chopin’s Études

The figurations of both hands include rapid skips. Pianovers Meetup 26 Digest. None, certainly, who had received such little formal training.