elvial el – elvial multilock slide systems. ΠραφIA 4 Profile f. – EL Ainio Ognvog via Endiin. Double – Truck Far Subek. TEMENTE. Europa S thermo. External doors. Elvial xclusive Roller shutters. Europa shutters. 49logo3. With its exceptional WATER TIGHTNESS performance (Pa) & ANTI- BURGLAR features of WK2 level, the thermal insulation system ELVIAL i2 has.

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Easily and quietly, on the touch of a button or manually.

Sliding systems are the ideal solution for such needs. HI Characterized by perfect watertightness, outstanding sound reduction and burglar composition to WK2. Sliding Composition with a narrow width of the facial. Using stainless steel rails. All the aluminum profiles are totally concealed in wall maximizing natural lighting in the buildings. The combination of a fixed glass sliding sash or lift – sliding wing, offering the perfect solution for hotels and public buildings.

Schuco sliding elvual Panorama design allows to install the sliding system from floor to ceiling. The possibility of electrical management by remote control. Basic depth of outer frame mm.

EL 6700 Slide Multilock Systems – Thermal insulated

Wide variety of designs, based on one, double and triple tapes of outer frame. Low-noise and smooth sliding. The Supreme system S is considered one of the most modern options as it incorporates multiple innovative and unique features. ELVIAL i 2 for complex requirements, lift-slide system, ideal for large openings, provides the best view combined with excellent thermal insulation values.


HI offers a new solution for large-scale projects and luxury homes.

Glass sliding door system – EL – Elvial

A modern and linear design is in compliance with contemporary architectural trends with a narrow elviao of Resistance to burglary WK2. Perimetrical sealing of the frames with double row of brushes. Only 25 mm visible aluminium face width at the interlocking profile.

With large windows offer maximum transparency and allow greater entrance of natural light into the building, which gives additional freedom and flexibility in the use of space. Modern architecture observe the external space as an extension of the interior space and aims to offer maximum comfort and building efficiency area. Ideal for renovation with built frame made up to Greater flexibility for projects.

Basic profile depth of the hole frame of 70 mm. The system offers a number of options and structures has highlighted Uf-value for your category- improving the energy performance of the building. An innovative solution to strip carrying weight of kg.

HI system offers a sliding units of large areas of maximum transparency. Extra concealed profiles available for water drainage. For all typologies of sliding doors. Highly thermally insulated sliding and lift-and-slide system Schuco ASS Corner constructions without using mullion profile for the connection. Sliding system was awarded three times in for product design, gold award for product design and red dot design award best of the best.


A wide range of designs with double or triple strip the outer frame, electric or manual opening.

EL 6700 Elvial Multilock Systems With Fixed Part (Oct 2010)

Profile width of only 30 mm and easily accessible outer frame are just two of its characteristics to win. The corners of glass enable even greater transparency. ELVIAL I 2 with its exceptional water-permeability P and anti burglary characteristics WK2 level, thermal insulation system, i 2 elvixl a reason for the first place when it comes to benefits.

The stylish slider system offers to a higher level of transparency and allows a maximum inflow of daylight. Wide choice of colors.

Ease of use and smooth gliding. A modern and linear design is in compliance with modern architectural trends, with successive narrow width reducer rather than Easily and quietly opens and closes, and the innovative solutions that can support the weight of the wings up to kg.

Characteristics e,vial the system: Architects and clients admire the slim profile and a minimum width of a perfect thermal insulation provided.

Advanced central seal and sealing lock.