Special edition in Romanian: Chapter 03 Volume P. 71 – Special edition in Croatian: Chapter 03 Volume P. – The member states bear sole. LSRHTE: Ley de Sindicalización y Regulación de la Huelga de los. Trabajadores del Estado y su Reforma (Decreto del. Congreso de la República). LO stands for Ley Orgánica (Law, Act); RD stands for Real Decreto (Royal 30 –33, 36–38; LO 4/, 83, 86, 90, 95, , , ; LO 8/, 71, 86, ;.

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In para 9 of article 2 decreases the number of persons necessary to establish a trade union from to The Act regulates Hungarian decrero benefit organizations, NGOs, civil organizations and non-profit organizations.

Defines essential services and prohibits strikes or lock-outs in these sectors.

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EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre is governed by a multipartite Board and includes representatives from organised labour and industry. Trade Union Recognition Act Cap.

Chapter II sets forth the basic rights of trade unions, including the right to promote employment, the right decrwto engage in collective bargaining and to implement collective agreements, the right to participate in collective labour dispute settlement, the right to examination of information, the right to oversee labour legislation, the right to take part in labour and environment protection, the right to take part in privatisation of state property, and the right to participate in the management boards of enterprises.

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Ustawa z dnia 2 lipca r. Of 37 – Public Health Law N26, Amends the Labour Arbitration Procedure Regulations as they relate decrsto arbitration tribunal decgeto.

Ustawa z dnia 27 sierpnia r. Labour Amendment Act, no. Labour Arbitration Procedure Regulations No. Information about name, address, name of legal representative should be provided.

Sections render prostitution illegal; men found guilty of living off the earnings of a prostitute may be liable for whipping or flogging.

It amends the following: Ustawa z dnia 22 lipca decretl. Establishes an arbitration tribunal for the settlement of disputes in public utility undertakings. Registration of Civil organization Chapter V.

Would you like to keep them? Pravilnik o pogojih, ki jih morajo glede zdravstvenega stanja izpolnjevati ovce in koze za trgovanje na teritoriju EU. National transpositions by Member State. Ustawa z dnia 24 sierpnia r.

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Ustawa z dnia 8 grudnia r. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Ustawa z dnia 7 stycznia r. No impide el planteamiento del asunto ante las autoridades administrativas o judiciales. Pravilnik o monitoringu reziduov. Ustawa z dnia 18 grudnia r. Trade unions shall be registered or, failing that, dissolved. Scope of the Law 2. The law sets a legal framework to make an announcement against employer abuse. Detailed rules of state aid available for civil organizations Chapter X.


Czech Republic Czech Republic. Name and other relative data about person making such announcement are concealed. Ustawa z dnia 21 stycznia r. Ustawa z dnia 30 marca r.

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Pravilnik o dodatnih standardnih opozorilih in obvestilih za fitofarmacevtska sredstva. Expand all Collapse all. Essential Services Arbitration Act Cap. Organization established by conventional rules Chapter II.

OJ L ,