The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Originally published in German in This edition derives from an English trans- lation published in The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. The Chymical Wedding is an allegoric story divided into Seven Days, or Seven Journeys, and which tells us how Christian Rosenkreuz was invited to go to a.

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The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz.

It was on Easter-day that the Constitutions of the Freemasons of Strasburg was first signed in Regensburg, with a second signed shortly afterwards in Strasburg. Then our Virgin had a golden globe brought in; into this ran a red liquid from the oval casket; then the globe was carried forth again.

So we sailed on a good time together, till we arrived at another shore, near the first gate at which I first rosenkeutz. Later, such Imaginations dried out into abstract, purely conceptual thinking. When we opened our two little moulds, we found two bright and almost transparent little images, angelically fair babes, a male and rosennkreutz female, each being but four inches long.

The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Mine alone looked out over the lake. In the text the statue of Nebucadnezar is only shown. But how the Emperor whom I had released behaved towards me I cannot relate for fear of slander.

CRC is in an assembly room with others who are spiritually called, but who haven’t let go of their egoistic tendencies. Some, who were lighter, were to be stripped and sent forth naked. At the gate of the Tower, we were led a little aside while the six coffins and the little shrine were brought in without anyone but myself noticing.

There is no place for the manifestation of egoistic desires. When he returned to consciousness it seemed as if the twelve streams of wisdom had been woven by him into an cyhmical wisdom.

Presently we sailed on, and after some hours came within sight of the Tower of Olympus. We all took her for the Bride, but were much mistaken, although in honour, riches and state she much surpassed the Bride, and afterwards ruled the whole Wedding.

In the first the musicians seated christizn, of which the old lord had a great number. In the letter of James we find reference to the royal way or royal law Jas 2: One day we entered our chamber and found him with a laurel branch in his beak. When I had chased the raven away, I bethought me of my bag and bread, left behind beneath the cedar. The Bird stood on the altar, and drank from the blood-red fountain, then pecked at the white serpent till she bled.


The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz: A Pictoral Key.

And because everyone was to write his name there, I writ thus: On an Evening before Easter-Day, I sate at a Table, and having as my Custom was in rosenkrdutz humble Prayer sufficiently rosenkreuzt with my Creator, and considered many great Mysteries whereof the Father of Lights his Majesty had shewn me not a few and being now ready to prepare in my Heart, together with my dear Paschal Lamb, a small unleavened, undefiled Cake.

This booklet is the substance of a course of lectures given at Hawkwood College, July The rest of our companions were in a huge amazement whence this King should have arisen, for they imagined no other than that they must again awaken him. He knelt in reverence before a lion who stood on a fountain with a naked sword held in his paw. They all have developed their own philosophies, sometimes contradictory to each other. I was mightily terrified when he lit a torch vhymical a small, ever-burning taper, and asked how he durst do this.

The Image of Nebucadnezar: The events of this story span seven days and are divided into seven chapters, each chapter relating a different day. He had gathered from these centres the essence of their teaching and now grasped intellectually the radiant wisdom off had suffused his feeling-life in the previous century. Of course, CRC passes. Thus the humble spiritual seeker will find himself in situations where people, who proclaim themselves to be spiritually advanced the New Roswnkreutz field is full of those “authorities”will look down and scorn the true pilgrim.

To this I hastened, and was dismayed to find it barred by a terrible chained lion, who, as soon as he espied me, arose and made at me with great roaring. No author was named in the book, other than Christian Rosenkreutz henceforth CRCbut Johannes Valentinus Andreae — chymiacl to be the author, in rosenkgeutz autobiography. While this was cooling, we peeped through a crevice in the floor at our fellows, now busy on the storey below, where we saw them industriously blowing at furnaces, and making gold, imagining they were herein wonderfully preferred before us.

The spiritual world does reach down the cord to help those who truly want to work christina themselves. Then the poor Bird himself submissively laid down his neck upon the book, and willingly suffered his head to be smitten off by one of us, thereto chosen by lot. Those who had hung near the earth fell gently; those who had hung high had a most shameful fall.

As we thanked the Ancient Matron for our deliverance and took our leave of her, each of us was given a piece of gold to spend by the way, stamped on one side with the rising sun, and on the rosenkreuyz with the letters D.


The third was a royal road, which only one in a thousand might follow.

It was later translated into English as “a pleasant work” by F. To ascribe our Order only to God and His handmaid, Nature. Now whom did he love the better, my sister or myself?

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Yet can I not let it pass unrevenged that you were so near stumbling upon my dear mother. The young King and Queen sat under a great arch at the western end of the hall; each wore a wreath of laurel, and over them hung a large and costly crown. Then certain curious chairs were placed in a circle, in which we, toggether with the King and Queen, both their old men, and the ladies and virgins, were to sit.

When one incarnates he has chosen a particular path to follow. Now a little bell began to ring; and the two pages, returning, lighted me through many doors and up winding stairs to a spacious hall, where there was a great multitude of guests — emperors, kings, princes, lords, noble and ignoble, rich and poor, all sorts of people, including some I knew well, and as yet had never any reason to esteem; these, when I enquired of them as to their route, I found had mostly been forced to clamber over the rocks.

The ring of office was now placed upon my finger, and the King embraced me, telling me this was the last time I would see him in this manner, from all rosennkreutz which I understood that in the morning I, most wretched man, had nobody to show me the way, who should approach me but the two august old lords — Atlas and the Warden of the Tower — who conducted me wedeing a glorious lodging, in which stood three beds, and each of us lay in one of them. This is where one finds the teaching of the dead raised incorruptible I Cor The King wondered mightily at this, and wished me to step aside a little; and as soon as I was called in again, Atlas declared to me that it was grievious to the King’s Majesty that I, whom he loved aboved others, was fallen into such a eosenkreutz yet, because it was not possible for him to transgress his ancient usages, the other must be released and I placed in his stead.

The fourth was a consuming way, encompassed by fire and cloud, fit only for incorruptible bodies.